Lessons in Hadith from Al Adab Al Mufrad by Imam Bukhari (RA) in conjunction with Rawdah Academy present ....

A series of discourses explaining Imam Al-Bukhari’s, Al-Adab Al-Mufrad. Second most well-known work, in a collection of 1300 narrations. A much admired classical collection of Prohetic tradtiotnas (hadiths) on Islamic etiquette and conduct. The unique depth and importance of this book makes it an undeniable cclassic. A fascinating insight into how one should behave as practicsed by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), his Comanions and the A’immah of the Tabi’in from the following generation. It tackles a variety of issues, dealing with Islamic morals and manners, good conduct, kindness, patience, daily courtesy, human rights, animal rights, family elationship issues, supporting widows and orphans, and spiritual diseases and their remedies and just some of the topics that will be covered. An absolute unique opportunity to understand the relevance of hadith and its ethical application in the Modern world.

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